in english

In english

I am Roeland. When I make music, act and teach I feel like a vulcano and this inner burst of joy I love to share with my audience and students.

I am pianoman, multi-instrumentalist, theatremusiccomposer, musictheatremaker, actor and vocal performer & trainer. Besides that I teach singing, piano, and music theatre lessons.

I live a life of a rockstar in my own country, as pianoman and HAMMONDist and am in a classical and worldmusic piano cello duo with cellist Jan WIllem Troost.

I do solo concerts sometimes, like to work especially with other artdisciplines (poetry, dance) and regularily I perform together with singer-songwriter Julie Scott.

Julie and I own the company Scott & Drost Music and Theatre, specialised in vocal coaching and becoming an authentic storyteller in stead of a copyist in singing and presenting. 

In my own music, mostly born out of improvisation, you can clearly hear my classical roots. My pianomusic tends to be impressionistic, sometimes even virtuose romantic. But because of living the life of a popartist and theatremusiccomposer for many years, I found different flavours and silence, essence and simplicity together with complexity and virtuosity! I love to create different atmospheres, moods and experimenting in this!

In acting I prefer physical play; in the meantime I am a true vocal experimentator, owning many voices.

I sometimes work as a musical commentator and textual summarizer at congresses, sometimes as a presentor, host or chairman of the day.

I Live in Holland, The Hague, at ten minutes cycling from the sea.