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"As wolves own the Earth, fish own the Water, birds own the Sky and gods own the Fire, so mankind comes to own the 5th element: Art." - Helène Grimaud

When Roeland is making music, acting or teaching you are going to be part in a true burst of joy and playfullness. Roeland is a passionate and theatrical personality.

He is a pianoman, multi-instrumentalist, theatremusiccomposer, musictheatremaker, actor, and vocal performer, owning many voices.

Besides that he teaches the piano in all genres, singing and making music in theatre. He is a coach, specialised in dealing with tension, fear, and helping you find your own unique way of playing, acting and behaving. Far away from being a copiist. In teaching he avoids methods and routine. His teaching starts from what you need. Every person is unique and needs something else.

Roeland combines living the life of a rockstar in his own country, as pianoman and HAMMONDist with being in a classical and worldmusic mode in improvised piano solo recitals, or writing in different genres for theaterplays, sometimes even acting in them.

January 2020 his new piano solo album "Labyrinth" will be released. A fifteen track improvised music voyage through atmosheres and genres that he loves so dearly: Classical romantic-impressionistic music, Roma music, Latin American rhythms popmusic and swing.

Roeland regularily  performs together with singer-songwriter Julie Scott. They celebrated in november 2019 their 25th anniversary in friendship and making music together!

Roeland sometimes works as a musical commentator and textual summarizer at congresses, as a presentor, host, chairman of the day or interviewer.

He Lives in Holland, The Hague, at ten minutes cycling from the sea.

This website is loaded with Roeland's music and more. See the homepage and music & acting page. Words in red are links so you can click on them.

On his webpage "Inspiratie" there is a lot of music from others to inspire you and remind each other about the beauty in the world. Enjoy!