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- CD "Grandpa Astronaut" soundtrack piano solo theatremusic release oct 2020

- EP "Huidhonger" / "Skincraving" 3 part pianosolo in Coronatime release may 2020 

- CD "Labyrinth" piano solo impro voyage, various own classical/world/pop jan 2020

- Clip "Labyrinth" Video: Joris Jan Bos jan 2020

- Clip "Miraculous Meanderings" Video: Joris Jan Bos nov 2019

- 49 piano solo Corona moods out of my livingroom on you tube spring 2020

- Track "Pianotalk" piano solo july 2019 

- Track "Breathe" april 2019 piano solo

- CD "Ronja's World" soundtrack theatermuziek bij Ronja de Roversdochter release 2014

- CD "Roza" 10 track soundtrack theatermuziek bij Roza in Reuzenland 2013

- Song: Not Knowing Roeland vocals, piano, text Made for 11-11-2011

- CD "Cities of light and Tenderness" piano solo impro live release 2010

- EP Troost & Drost on tour in Japan jan 2015 on Spotify with my ex husband cellist Jan  

  Willem Troost on cello

33 Piano moods corona christmas - almost every day a new impro from Roeland's brand new grand piano

Pianomoods coronaweeks - 49 solo's from my living room during the first lockdown


- Spellbound - Anam Cara CD album okt 2022

Julie Scott texts & music vocals ac.guitar - R.D. piano bluesharp harmonium HAMMOND - Stefan Blankestijn el.guitar,ac.guitar lapsteel - Maaike Peterse cello - Ruben Margarita violin - Stefan van de Brug drums - Peter Slager Bass vocals & production

- Dancing Dollekamp speelt "Volksheil", een verhaal over opgroeien in Diepenheim in 16 songs. livestream Metropool Hengelo 25 maart 2020

- Finally available: Dune Sessions - the movie

- New Julie Scott and friends song/clip: "In life" (dec 2020)

- livestream Julie Scott Roeland Drost Guest at MetroTV Metropool Hengelo

- livestream, part one. Part two Torenconcert Julie & Roeland, Vaillant Den Haag 

Roeland keyboards on available albums with bands

Fratsen on spotify

- CD Spookt - release 2017

- CD Caspar - release 2014

- DVD Komma

- CD Punt, CD Naar Buiten, CD Niet Alleen, CD Snachs, CD Dorst

- CD+LP Muts - not available 

Julie Scott

- CD Thoughts and sounds release 2012 - not available

- CD Dearydeary release 2015

Can-Of-Be /Can_Of_Be

- Don Quichot 2009

- Schizo 2006 - not available

Vuigtuig 's "Horror".

Also piano on "Douchescene" and "Zes Planken"; harmonium on "We zijn niet boos". Marlon van Capelle vocals, Bart Lybeert gitaar, Stefan van de Brug drums, Jorte Weij bas

Knotwilg eclectic miracle popmusic on Spotify made by Julie Scott and Bas Flier. With Fleur Dikkens on cello, Vasisils Stepanopoulos double base, Gerrie Spaansen on drums and me on keys 


Recensie van Kester Freriks in theaterkrant

voorstelling Onder het Melkwoud in theater Branoul maart 2019 met Bob Schwarze, Sijtze van der Meer en Roeland Drost

Roel vocals en accordeon Wasim's song/ naar Bram Vermeulen 's "Woorden; part of the Dune Sessions, with Wasim Arslan vocals, Maaike Peterse cello.

DUNE SESSIONS january 2017 live recorded and filmed in The Hague Holland

'when you lock up 13 creative souls and their partners in one house for one weekend at the edge of a country, beautiful things might happen...A magical salto mortale, here`s what it looks like!'

Three days of living together, working, sharing, gifting, making music as if it was our final moment.

Inspired by the famous Transatlantic Sessions, we created a creative pressure cooker, without an audience. Every musician was asked in advance to share a song that they would love to play around with, work on it in small groups and re-arrange.

EP Gloomy Sunday Troost & Drost in Japan on Spotify

cello piano duo cross-over world, classical and own written piano cello songs.

Roeland live with JW Troost on cello in Pianinotheater Den Haag NL

november 27 2016, registrated by Marsel Loermans en Joel Thurman:

Apologia - Gavin Friday,  his favorite song sung from behind the harmonium

Perpetuum - R.Drost + Fado Me - Dulce Pontes

Tscho Maj Gore a Gypy traditional

Rastlose Liebe - Franz Schubert

Der Wegweiser - Franz Schubert

Milonga en Re - Astor Pizzolla

Roeland as an actor in 2x short movie for children

"Escape de klas" plus part two

Roeland's compositions, playing all instruments (except cello) and singing BEST OF musicplayer >> click play all

Roeland pianoman /hammondist at his very best LIVE with Julie Scott vocals & guitar, Maaike Peterse cello live at festival La Truite Magique august 12 2017

Promofilm Roeland live with JW Troost piano cello duo Pianinotheater nov 27 2016 Den Haag NL:

Campo Afuera, 3:22 Gute Nacht, 7:04 Sombre Dimanche, 11:18 Elegie Milhaud, 14:39 Minimal impro

You can also watch it here on vimeo

Roeland Drost as director from Musictheatre concert Trailer Transcending Chopin jazztrio Stark Linnemann with actress Heike Wisse, who reads letters from George Sand in between  Chopin in jazz version. Premiere 23 januari 2016 Energiehuis Dordrecht.

Roeland as script & filmdirector. Promofilm classical rooted music ensemble Mind the Gap Experience 2014 Marsel Loermans camera & editing. Joost Roset soundtechnique. Julie Scott vocals, Petra Wolters fagot, accordeon, flute. Armin Segger piano and keyboard, Roelof Meijer double base, thumbpiano, guitar

Roeland as actor in Filmacademy-students-shortmovie from Sybren Ypma, Quinten Kaisan en Lois de Vries. Video shot 14-10-2016 in Den Haag NL

Text, script and direction by Roeland Photos MusicTheatreplay "Klinkende Gedachten", may 2014

Made for Studio 33 festival at youth theatreschool Rabarber Den Haag.

Director's assistent: Sophie Plekker, Final direction: Nanette Edens

Acting youngsters:Carlijn Ostendorf, Marijn Roelvink, Alexandra van Engeland, Shelley de Wolf, Cato van Dalen, Vivianne Montagne, Gauri Ramsoekh, Emma Dolmans, Celine Koppejan en Sandy van Baarle

Roeland script, direction, storyteller, keyboardplayer at Het wonder van Jero - trailer (Jero's miracle)

MusicTheatre on location at paperfactory JERO owned by the Bruti family 4 and 5 october 2013 Den Haag NL

Andor Horvath double base, Blishta Hoopman violin, Maaike Peterse cello, Julie Scott vocals and co-direction.

Roeland direction, storyteller.Woeste Grond -Trailer (Wild Land)

MusicTheatre on location outside at the very former spot of one of the companies.  Wilma Marijnissen concept, text, scenography, play; Noa Eyl violin; Andor Horvath double base. Geer Schreve and Bram Hogervorst cardeconstructors. Filmregistration Marsel Loermans. May 11-13 2012 A farewell to cardemontage companies at the old industry area from Den Haag: De Binckhorst.

Musical Chairs (stoelendans) filmmusic-clip 2011

Julie Scott & Roeland Drost music, Frank Gabriel image

Roeland actor in openingsfilm festival Artventure 2010, Vincent van de Haar camera, director

actingphoto archive 1989 - 2012

Knotwilg - Shoot me live in factory JERO

Julie Scott - vocals, gitaar /Bas Flier - gitaar / Gerrie Spaansen - drums / Vasilis Stefanopoulos - contrabas / Fleur Dikken - cello / Roeland Drost - toetsen / Sarkast - film - VJ / Marsel Loermans filmregistratie

can_of_be Live registration at Korzo 2009 Julie Scott and guitar, Roeland grand piano and accordeon, JW Troost cello

Campo Afuera live Tango Del Barrio 25-04-02015 Theater De Nieuwe Regentes

Roeland grand piano, Boris Franz double-base and JW Troost cello